Commercial Cleaning

  • Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services
  • Day & Night porter services
  • Basic Service
  • 23 Items of Service
  • 42 Items of Detail Service
  • Customize your own service according to your needs
  • Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products
  • Offices, Banks, Schools, Churches, Warehouses, Clinics, Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors offices
  • Window washing – inside and out
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Move out and move in clean up
  • Sanitize restrooms
  • Spring cleaning
  • Graffiti removal – any surface
  • Building wash down
  • Steam cleaning
  • Water reclamation


Before and after our commercial cleaning in Ontario, CA

Envirokleen USA Commercial Cleaning Service

There are many benefits of maintaining a clean and organized space, especially as we all undergo a pandemic. However, getting to that point may be difficult for many businesses, schools, or any other kind of public space. One way of achieving that needed feeling of cleanliness is through commercial cleaning services. Here are the three main benefits of using a commercial cleaning crew.


Firstly, commercial cleaning services can influence how people feel in a particular space. According to Ralph Ryback M.D. from Psychology Today, a study done by Princeton University found that, “the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently.” Oftentimes our psychological state mirrors that of our environment, that’s why it’s important to keep your space clean.


Secondly, commercial cleaning experts are trained to clean. When you allow someone who does not have training in cleaning to clean, you run the risk of an incomplete job. Without the knowledge of cleaning, an individual may leave unwanted bacteria on surfaces such as toilets, handles, windows, carpets, and more. Additionally, if the individual cleaning injures his or herself, perhaps in the form of a deep cut or an accidental fall, they will have to face an unplanned recovery. Commercial companies have liability insurance, which means if an injury occurs it’s not on you.


And the last benefit and probably the most important, a healthy work environment. With this year’s Covid-19 pandemic impacting us all, ensuring a clean and orderly work environment is crucial. Decontaminating protects all occupying a space. If people can feel safe in public, then that frees them to focus more on whatever they are doing. Envirokleen USA provides commercial cleaning services at an affordable price, using green seal environmentally friendly or standard cleaning products. To get started you only need a 30 day contract. Contact us now! Call 909.947.6611.